FINCA International’s mission is to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.


FINCA International’s vision is to build a global network of sustainable and scalable social enterprises that improve lives worldwide.


With headquarters in Washington, DC, FINCA International reaches over 1.8 million clients through its 23 subsidiaries in Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East and South Asia, and Latin America. Our outreach is among the broadest and most comprehensive of today’s microfinance institutions.


When clients come to FINCA International for a loan, most of them are already micro-entrepreneurs. They have enough experience to know that, without additional working capital, their odds of becoming or staying profitable and productive, or of making improvements in their lives, remain low. They are looking for a business loan, much like any other entrepreneur, but at a micro level. For these small-scale businesses, even small amounts of capital can make a dramatic difference. A business loan of a few hundred dollars can enable micro-entrepreneurs to pay wholesale rather than retail prices for the goods they resell, or to buy with cash rather than on consignment, or acquire a more modern piece of essential equipment, turning their businesses into profitable, sustainable enterprises. This small increase in purchasing power can have an immediate impact on a client’s productivity and earnings. For other clients, having a safe and trusted place to store and save their daily revenue is most critical. All of these needs are met by FINCA International.

FINCA International provides clients with a wide range of the financial products and services that micro-entrepreneurs need including savings accounts; group and individual loans; credit life, short-term disability, and hospitalization insurance; and money transfers. These products vary by local demand, and they are adapted to comply with local regulations and culture. Each FINCA Subsidiary is run by a local team of professionals with intimate knowledge of their market, and it is this localized, client-driven approach that has made FINCA’s global expansion possible and so effective. FINCA International is firmly committed to Client Protection and fair practices and maintains strict policies to ensure compliance. Our local loan officers are trained in FINCA’s mission, and dedicated to helping clients build successful businesses while ensuring that they are protected from unnecessary risks.

FINCA Client Rosa Herlinda Perez

FINCA is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 13-3240109.
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