Executive Leadership

Rupert Scofield, FINCA President & CEO

Rupert Scofield

President and Chief Executive Officer

An agricultural economist with 40 years of experience in developing countries, Rupert Scofield co-founded FINCA in 1984 with John Hatch, and has served as its President and CEO since 1994.

Andrée Simon, Global Chief Operating Officer for FINCA International

Andrée Simon

Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Andrée Simon has more than 10 years of experience in economic development and inclusive financial services.

Roman Hingorani FINCA

Roman Hingorani

Chief Financial Officer

Roman manages FINCA’s global financial team and brings 28 years of financial experience in the United States and in various international markets including Singapore, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

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P. Dan Smith

Vice President & General Counsel

Dan Smith oversees FINCA’s legal operations worldwide. He joined FINCA after 15 years with the international law firm White & Case.


Zar Wardak

Vice President & regional director for the Middle East & South Asia

Zar Wardak currently serves as Regional Director of the network’s newly formed Middle East/South Asia (MESA) region.


Mike Gama-Lobo

Vice President and Regional Director for Africa

Mike Gama-Lobo has more than a decade of management leadership with FINCA.

Jeff Flowers

Jeff Flowers

Vice President and Regional Director for Eurasia

Jeff Flowers has 15 years of senior-level experience managing microfinance institutions in the Eurasia region.

Volker Renner FINCA

Volker Renner

Vice President of Credit and Savings

Volker Renner has over 15 years of senior management experience in the microfinance industry.

Soledad Gompf FINCA International

Soledad Gompf

Vice President of New Business Development

Soledad Gompf has over 30 years’ professional experience in administration, strategic planning, fundraising, grants management, budgeting and program design.

Jeffrey Smith FINCA

Jeffrey Smith

Vice President, Global Chief Auditor & Interim Chief Risk Officer

Jeff has over 35 years of experience in auditing, finance, accounting and implementing effective risk controls and compliance monitoring systems.

Franca Rofe, FINCA VP of Human Resource

Franca Rofe

Vice President, Human Resources

Franca Rofe has over 20 years of human resources experience in financial services. She started at FINCA as Regional Director of Human Resources for the Eurasia Region.

Dennis Millsaps FINCA CTO

Dennis Millsaps

Vice President and Global Chief Technology Officer

Dennis has an extensive multi-year experience in global technology, operations, transformations, mergers and acquisitions in the financial services market.

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Ronald Aizer

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Ronald Aizer has more than 20 years’ experience in financial management. Before coming to FINCA, Mr. Aizer worked for the American Red Cross as financial manager for three business units.

Chikako Khuno

Chikako Kuno

Director of TEMA (Transformation, Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions)

Chikako Kuno has 20 years’ experience working in emerging markets in Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Latin America.

Allison Scuriatti

Allison Scuriatti

Deputy to the President & CEO

Allison Scuriatti manages the Executive Office, Corporate Governance, Corporate Communications and Policy functions for FINCA.

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