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Titiwa is excited, not worried, because her business is booming. She is already talking about her next loan. She wants to open another store in a different market, selling the same products. Titiwa knows her business and, with a little help from FINCA, she is confident of success.

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Facts about DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is mineral-rich, but its citizens are by and large poor. Seventy-one percent live below the poverty line. Many years of civil war and armed conflict near the country’s borders displaced millions; conflicts in neighboring states have also brought an influx of refugees.

A regulated, deposit-taking microfinance institution, FINCA DRC is helping thousands of Congolese create their own jobs and build assets. FINCA delivers credit and savings products in the capital city of Kinshasa, the Bas-Congo, and the southeastern province of Katanga.

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2 Population lacking account at formal financial institution



Head Office
1286 Ave Tombalbaye
Entrée: au coin Ave Colonel Ebeya–Ave Hopital
BP 13447, Kinshasa 1



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