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A Message from Natalie Portman - FINCA Ambassador of Hope

FINCA's Ambassador of Hope Natalie Portman shows how FINCA helps mothers improve the lives of their families and create a better future for their children. FINCA changes lives one woman, one family, one community at a time. 

FINCA - Why it Works

Jacquie Green, FINCA Canada Board Member and long time supporter, recently traveled to Guatemala to meet FINCA Guatemala clients and staff. She shares in this short video how FINCA helps entrepreneurial women make their way out of poverty. 

" works because of FINCA Donors. People are committed to donating, so that capital can be loaned and re-paid, and re-loaned and re-paid over and over again. It's clear it's making up all the difference in the lives of people in poverty who want to work, want to achieve, and want better lives for their families!"

Hillary Clinton Honors FINCA

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honors FINCA on its 25th anniversary of "providing life-changing financial services in the poorest corners of the world" and cites the importance of microfinance in promoting financial inclusion, which she calls "an important trend in an era of economic instability and entrenched poverty."

Secretary Clinton congratulates FINCA's Ambassador of Hope Natalie Portman and long-time FINCA supporter Soledad Hurst for their work on behalf of FINCA's "commitment to a world where financial inclusion is a reality and every person is free to live up to their God-given potential."


"FINCA Mexico: Stories of hope," featuring Natalie Portman

“FINCA Mexico: Stories of Hope” is a moving new documentary featuring Golden Globe Award winner Natalie Portman—FINCA’s Ambassador of Hope—visiting clients of the FINCA program in Mexico to learn of their struggles, triumphs, and determination to craft a better future for their families. The film was directed by Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary director Juan Carlos Rulfo. Ms. Portman, who also serves as a co-chair of the Village Banking Campaign, created the film to offer FINCA supporters a more in-depth view of a program in action and open a window into the daily lives of FINCA clients.  

Don’t miss her Web diaries below in which she talks about her trip to Mexico and shares her views about the power of microfinance to change lives.

A DONOR'S PERSPECTIVE - Watch Village Banking in action in a short video by Mike Green

In this engaging 6 min. video, Canadian donors Mike and Jacquie Green will show you how FINCA Village banks are transforming the lives of thousands of poor women entrepreneurs in Uganda. 

After what they saw in that trip to Africa, Mike and Jacquie become devoted supporters of FINCA and the work it is doing to help alleviate poverty around the world. In 2006, Mike was invited to become an official member of the Board of FINCA International. And in 2008, Jacquie was selected as the first Director of FINCA Canada. 


Zoe Saldana Supports FINCA's Hand Up for Haiti Campaign

FINCA supporter and Village Banking advocate Zoe Saldana has seen firsthand how small loans are helping 8,000 hard-working Haitian women rebuild their families' lives after last year's devastating earthquake.

In her message, she shares how FINCA loans help Haitian women harness their creativity, resourcefulness and determination to work their way out of poverty and support Haiti's recovery. 


See our Flash video on the power of Village Banking.


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