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Finca Programs in Latin America

Latin America is the birthplace of the Village Banking method and the crucible in which FINCA has tested and refined its methods of outreach, expansion and delivery. Although the region suffers from endemic poverty and underemployment, petty commerce and microenterprise generally have helped many families survive.

FINCA's outreach in Latin America surpasses that of all its other regions. Financial services are provided through seven country programs to more than 270,000 clients by a dedicated and highly-skilled group of microfinance professionals.

FINCA Ecuador is FINCA's first formal financial institution. As a financiera (a regulated financial institution) FINCA Ecuador is entitled to collect and relend savings and borrow commercial capital, which allows it to reach many more low-income families. FINCA Ecuador has been recognized as one of the ten most efficient microfinance institutions in Latin America in an industry-wide study conducted by the Microfinance Information eXchange and the Inter-American Development Bank.

FINCA El Salvador Despite El Salvador's significant informal sector, the formal banking industry has not responded to the efforts of the poor to create self-employment. FINCA El Salvador serves clients throughout all 14 of El Salvador's departamentos (states or provinces).

FINCA Guatemala Guatemala’s population and its GDP of $63 billion are the largest in Central America.The microfinance industry in Guatemala is relatively well established and sophisticated. Local commercial banks are actively involved in microfinance, as are some 35 NGOs.

FINCA Haiti Headquartered in Les Cayes, FINCA Haiti serves the southern, northern and western portions of one of the Western Hemisphere's poorest countries.

FINCA Honduras serves clients in 15 of the 18 departamentos (states or provinces) of Honduras, one of Latin America's poorest and least developed countries.

FINCA Mexico is the largest of FINCA's country programs, serving over 100,000 clients. The program has more than quadrupled in size since 2004, and continues to thrive in a market with a masssive demand for microfinance. FINCA Mexico was recently judged the number one microfinance program in Latin America by the Inter-American Development Bank in the area of "Depth of Market."

FINCA Nicaragua delivers its vital microcredit services in Managua, León, Chinandega, Masaya, Granada, Rivas, Jinotepe, Boaco, Chontales, Matagalpa, and Jinotega. Most clients are storeowners, but their businesses also include manufacturing, services, farming, and fishing.

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