Berna Naiga, FINCA Uganda

FINCA Uganda client
FINCA Uganda client Berna Naiga

FINCA Has Walked a Mile with Me

To say Berna Naiga is an inspiration is an understatement. While in the prime of her life, she became infected with HIV/AIDS, but she’s not let that stop her from becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in her village. Perhaps some of her motivation comes from caring for and supporting 10 orphaned children, all nephews and nieces of her relatives who have died of AIDS. Perhaps some more comes from her desire to help others like her by serving as the Chairperson of the Association of Widows Living with HIV/AIDS in Mbale Municipality, Uganda.

By all accounts, Berna is a multi-talented entrepreneur who runs, manages and owns a number of income-generating activities. She raises cross-breed cows, of which she currently owns eight. She runs three small businesses including a retail shop, a hair salon and a tailoring business. Her profits have made it possible for her to purchase two rental houses.

The soft-spoken entrepreneur attributes her success and livelihood to FINCA Uganda, which she says has “walked a mile” with her from the time she joined her Village Bank more than five years ago. She knows she would not have the successful businesses she has today without support from FINCA.

Beyond her entrepreneurial success, Berna says she’s most proud that she’s been able to provide for herself and the children who depend on her consistently and with loving care. She’s so proud that some of them have studied hard and have graduated from University, and she hopes that other will, too.


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