Atyrkul Boronchieva, FINCA Kyrgyzstan

Atyrkul Boronchieva, FINCA Kyrgyzstan client
How $63 Changed Her Life!


FINCA Kyrgyzstan customer Atyrkul Boronchieva took her first loan from FINCA in 1997, and has been a loyal and dependable customer ever since!

She recalls that, before applying for her first loan of 3,000 Kyrgystani Soms (US$63), her life was very hard. She had three small children, and both she and her husband were unemployed. Feeding three growing children was a daily struggle, and she knew she had to find some way to ease this hardship for her children. She decided to start selling things at the market.

Atyrkul decided that, by selling produce, she’d be able to use some of her inventory to feed her family. Her profit was small to begin with but, over the years, her business has grown from one small stand outside her home, to a larger, more permanent space in the Bereke market. Not only has her profit grown to where she has purchased another trading space, but her husband has now joined her, working side by side with her. Her current loan is for 100,000 KGs (US$2,100).

Atyrkul, however, is quick to attribute her current stability in life to her first loan. Not only has it made it possible for her family to live a much better life – both of her sons and daughter are grown, have attended school and are all married, and she’s been blessed with grandchildren – it has led her to positions of leadership in her credit group, where she has proven to be a serious and responsible group member who serves as a good example to others.

Atyrkul is planning to continue her long-term relationship with FINCA, and encourages other to do so, as well.

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