Hermilia Regina Morales, FINCA Mexico

FINCA Mexico client Hermilia Regina Morales
Hermilia Regina Morales, FINCA Mexico client 
A Jewel of a Smile!

Hermilia Regina Morales is a married, 38-years-old mother of one teenaged child, and lives in Cologne, Chula Vista, Cuernavaca, Mexico, where she sells jewelry from a street stand. Neither Hermilia nor her husband finished their schooling. As a child, she began working with her mother selling the same type of goods on the streets of her village and, when she married, she and her husband decided they would open their own stand, but create their own designs.

At first, they only had enough money to purchase low-cost materials like plastic and wood, but they dreamed of purchasing higher-quality materials that would help their wares stand out in the marketplace. In trying to get a loan to expand their business, they encountered obstacles beyond having no formal education including the fact that they speak Hajuatl, not traditional Castillian Spanish, which made trying to secure a loan from a traditional bank even more challenging.

Hermilia learned about FINCA’s Village Banking loans from a neighbor, who encouraged her to apply for a loan. Her application was accepted by FINCA and she was welcomed into the Village Bank. With her loan, she purchased basic jewelry-making materials in larger quantities, but most important to her and her husband was that they could also purchase much finer quality materials, such as stones and shells, and begin crafting their own designs.

Because it’s a family business, her husband takes on the responsibility of producing the jewelry and Hermilia is responsible for marketing and selling products in the city center. Her engaging personality makes her a favorite among visitors. She says the additional profits make it possible for her child to stay in school, which she is certain will create a brighter future.

Hermilia says that her entire family is grateful to FINCA, and that, because she can access small loans, their lives are greatly blessed.

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