Success Stories

FINCA Guatemala Client Vicenta

Vicenta Zaput Palax

Vicenta has seven children and feels proud that her weaving helps support her family’s economy and education. She heard about FINCA through a man in her village, and along with several people formed a village bank and joined the weaving community.

Latest Stories

Livni Gomez FINCA Guatemala client

Livni Lopez

Livni Senovia Gomez Lopez was always a designer in her heart. She longed to have her own business, designing and weaving intricately embroidered clothes. She first learned her weaving skills while working for another weaver but the job did not pay enough to support herself.

Claudio Alarcón

Claudio Alarcón

Today, if you were to walk by Claudio and his wife's house in Veracruz, Mexico, you might smell loaves of sweet dough baking in the oven. Inside would be racks filled with breads, rolls, and other baked sweets cooling to be sold. Friends, perhaps small business owners themselves, come and go, always leaving with something tasty.

Paida FINCA client in Malawi

Paida Kakhuta

Paida lives in land-locked Malawi, one of the world's most densely populated and least developed countries. She got through high school, but didn’t pass the entrance exams for university. So she knew she would never have a chance for a well-paying career. But that hasn’t stopped her. Paida has big dreams.

Edson, FINCA Tanzania client

Edson Miugi

Failing to meet the requirements of commercial banks, Edson couldn't get the capital he needed to buy sewing machines to start a manufacturing business. With one borrowed sewing machine, he approached FINCA in 2006. Now, his factory counts 67 sewing machines and more than 60 staff.

Jane Hendry, FINCA Tanzania client

Jane Hendry

Jane Hendry, a mother of three living in the heart of Dar es Salaam, has been serving up zege (a Tanzanian specialty made with eggs and French fries) for decades. Her popular restaurant in the Upanga neighborhood, Jane's Take-Away, is a thriving and bustling eatery.

Afghanistan client with AMA award

Kubra Hussaini

Throughout Afghanistan, women have been the most vulnerable segment in society. Providing for themselves and their families has become a challenge as they are often forbidden to work or attend school. Through access to finance, however, women in Afghanistan have a chance to change their lives.

Nanuli Nutsubidze, FINCA Georgia Client

Nanuli Nutsubidze

Nanuli lives in Gori, Georgia, near the railway station. She has a small kiosk on the platform selling very popular meat-filled fried bread she prepares in her home.

Noor Zia FINCA Afghanistan client

Noor Zia

Like thousands of Afghanis after the collapse of the Taliban regime, Noor Zia lost her job. In 2005, Noor heard about FINCA’s loans for small business owners and found it intriguing because FINCA made loans available to women like her who were working hard to build small businesses to support their families.

Yvros FINCA Haiti client

Yvrose St. Louis

Yvrose had a little grocery shop she started with her husband. But they lost everything in the devastating 2010 earthquake. Rebuilding from scratch seemed impossible without access to credit. Anything they earned went to feed and care for their two young children and there wasn't any money left to invest in their business.

Sabina Aguilar, FINCA Mexico client

Sabina Aguilar

Although Sabina and her husband have long supported themselves making hats, they struggled to advance within the profession for many years until they heard about FINCA.

Rosa Leone Martinez FINCA Mexico client

Rosa León Martínez

When Rosa León Martínez first came to FINCA, she and her young children were struggling to get by. Rosa owned a small ceramic business, but, without the necessary capital, was unable to make a profit and get ahead.

Mahkputza FINCA Kyrgyzstan client

Makhpuza Talibaeva

With the fall of communism in Kyrgyzstan government support of the healthcare system was slashed. Doctors like Makhpuza saw their incomes plummet and she had to give up medicine. She took up sewing, one of her other passions, and started selling the beautiful quilts and clothing she created.

Mobile banking

Alternative Delivery Channels

Reaching and serving the unbanked has become even more successful with the new alternative delivery channels that FINCA has been introducing in the last couple of years.

Eucharia Nwanguma, FINCA Nigeria client

Eucharia Nwanguma

Eucharia Nwanguma, a widowed mother of six children had been selling yams and groundnuts with her late husband in the Onuwa Market in Owerri. Her husband would travel by road on long 14-hour journeys to northern Nigeria to purchase yams and groundnuts to sell.

FINCA Zambia Savings

Microentrepreneurs around the world are lifting themselves out of poverty... but they often don't have a safe place to save their money. FINCA Zambia is one of the countries that offer savings accounts for their clients.

FINCA Haiti client Julia Pierre

Julia Pierre

"My business is more profitable now, and I am glad that FINCA is my partner. I am already thinking what other produce I can add to my business with my next loan."

FINCA solar energy client

Molly Namatovu

Molly was among the first recipients of a solar lantern from FINCA, and she has become a strong champion for clean energy. She talks often of the benefits of solar, but all she needs to do is flick a switch for people see what a difference it can make!

FINCA Malawi client Joyce Mandevu

Joyce Mandevu

With no income of her own, Joyce, along with her two teen-aged children and her elderly parents, faced a bleak future of hunger and homelessness. Determined to protect her family, Joyce took out a loan of $121 and started a small used clothing business.

FINCA Mexico Client María-Romana Vázquez Nicolás and her Child

María Romana Vázquez Nicolás

Maria had a small vegetable stand in Tres Marías, Mexico, but she knew she did not have enough capital to invest in the business and expand its offerings.

Women in the Garcia Family

The Garcia Family

The Garcia Family has been making artisan textiles in Oaxaca, Mexico for generations. Loans from FINCA have helped them to continue that tradition and expand their business.


Madina Namanda

Madina Namanda is a long-time FINCA client and a shining example of how the right combination of hard work, business instinct and access to financial capital can lead to great success. The mother of four owns and operates a thriving wholesale, commercial pineapple plantation in Uganda.


Ana Huayta

Not long ago, my son Mateo was playing soccer with his cousins ​​and, unfortunately, broke his leg. In that moment, I was desperate because I didn’t know how I would pay the hospital because I had no money.

Armen Voskanyan, FINCA Armenia Clients

Armen Voskanyan

Since his early childhood, Armen dreamed of producing his own chocolates. His dream later became a reality. Today, Armen together with his dedicated team of about 10 people never ceases in continuously surprising his clients with his chocolate confectionery masterpieces.

Rashid Ali FINCA Pakistan client

Rashid Ali

Rashid Ali describes growing up in a very poor household where his father struggled to support the family. Even though he was a good student, Mr. Ali decided to drop out of school and help his father.


Josefina Figueroa Rigas

After 25 years, Josefina and the other women involved in the bakery faced an increasingly difficult financial situation. Thankfully, Josefina connected with FINCA Mexico officers who provided a small group loan that kept Panadería Chazumba afloat.

Titiwa Mwanji FINCA DRC client

Titiwa Mwanji

Titiwa is excited, not worried, because her business is booming. She is already talking about her next loan. She wants to open another store in a different market, selling the same products. Titiwa knows her business and, with a little help from FINCA, she is confident of success.

Higmatulo Karimov FINCA Tajikistan client

Higmatulo Karimov

Higmatulo appreciates the support he receives from FINCA, and plans on borrowing more in the future. “I am very proud that we don’t have to rely on the income from my son who works in Russia as our only income. With the help of FINCA loans, I’m able to provide all that my family needs.”

Margarette Nivose FINCA Haiti client

Margarette Nivose

"I am proud to be a FINCA client, and I love what FINCA has done for me and for other Haitian women. FINCA has helped me make a much better life for my family, and give my children a chance for a better future. Thank you FINCA!"

Roqia FINCA Afghanistan client


I used my first FINCA loan to buy a sewing machine. The sun of luck started shining on the windows of our house! I kept on asking customers to bring clothes for me and I worked hard and tirelessly to take a share in feeding my small brothers and sister as an elder member of the family.

Lala Yolchiyeva FINCA Georgia Client

Lala Yolchiyeva

Lala is very pleased with her experience with FINCA and proud of the changes it has helped make possible for her family. She says, “My FINCA Georgia loan makes it possible for me to grow more kinds of crops to sell, and to save some money, which was hard to do before."

Victoria Banda FINCA Zambia client

Victoria Banda

Victoria's energy and determination combined with FINCA loans allowed her to improve her home, help her younger sister through college and acquire other property that provides her rental income. "I'm a landlord now! Can you imagine?"

Naema Sayyed Muhammed Ahmed FINCA Jordan client

Naema Sayyed Muhammed Ahmed

Becoming financially independent is one life's greatest challenges. But at 60 years old Naema embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that, with the right support, can transform lives. "FINCA has been so good to me! Not only are they respectful, but they have given me what I need to make my business grow!"

Jesca Makumbi FINCA Tanzania client

Jesca Makumbi

"I’m so proud to be part of FINCA family, and I believe without FINCA loans, my family life wouldn't be the way it is today. Every member in my family is proud to be part of FINCA because they cherish our success.”

Nasario Vásquez Hidalgo

Nasario Vásquez Hidalgo

Nasario Vasquez Hidalgo and his wife Yolanda Velásquez have a goat farm in rural Mexico. They have always loved the countryside, but resources, especially financial services, are often limited in such remote sites.

Bushra Rasheed FINCA Pakistan Client

Bushra Rasheed

Mrs. Bushra Rasheed describes our Bank as her safe harbor in the deep ocean that life can sometimes be. A few years ago, Ms. Rasheed’s life was very challenging. Her husband and his new wife took everything that Mrs. Rasheed owned, leaving her to raise four children on her own.

Angelina Sanyemba FINCA Zambia client

Angelina Sanyemba

Angelina, FINCA Zambia education entrepreneur, used her first loan to purchase school supplies for her pupils. Subsequent loans have allowed Angelina to purchase furniture and open a shop nearby.

Florence Nabukenya FINCA Uganda client

Florence Nabukenya

Florence is very proud and happy that, thanks to FINCA loans, she was able to send her children to better schools and then on to university. She was able to build a larger house for her family and also build a small house for her ailing mother in her home village.

Nazakat Ayyubova FINCA Azerbaijan client

Nazakat Ayyubova

By focusing on her goal, Nazakat achieved it. Even though she always knew she needed to rely on her own skills and hard work, she says she’ll never forget the close working relationship she has with FINCA, and the support they've provided on her road to success.

Nicolasa Rodriguez FINCA Nicaragua client

Nicolasa Rodriguez

Remembering how hard life was when she started her business, Nicolasa is very grateful for the transformations FINCA has made possible for her family. She is very proud that one of her daughters is already attending university. “FINCA helps the neediest women in Nicaragua, no matter the size of their business.”

Hermilia Regina Morales FINCA Mexico client

Hermilia Regina Morales

With a FINCA loan, Hermilia and her husband have begun crafting their own designs for their jewelry business. With the additional profits they are able to send their child to school, which they are certain will create a brighter future.

Martha Ngwinda FINCA Malawi client

Martha Ngwinda

“From deep down in my heart, I can say that FINCA has helped a lot. At first, I was nobody. But now I can buy what I want, continue to pay school fees for my youngest daughter, and help my parents, especially my old mother.”

Tamara Shekimbaeva FINCA Kyrgyzstan client

Tamara Shekimbaeva

"I have a lot of customers at my shop who are in a difficult situation. I try to help them as I can; I counsel them about FINCA loans, and help them create their own FINCA solidarity groups. Many of them have received FINCA loans on my recommendation and have been able to start a new life as a result. I would not have this success without FINCA."

Sabrije Tehaj FINCA Kosovo client

Sabrije Tehaj

Sabrije joined FINCA Kosovo Temaj Village Banking group to help expand her embroidery business. Since then her business is growing steadily and becoming more profitable. She plans to continue her relationship with FINCA to help create a better future for her children.

Ana Osorio FINCA Honduras client

Ana Osorio

Thanks to FINCA loans, Ana's family now eats a more balanced diet. Ana's younger children have all the books and supplies they need and she is helping her older children pay for trade schools. Two daughters help her with the cheese business so they have the freedom of their own spending money.

Chriselia Archill FINCA Haiti client

Chriselia Archill

“FINCA Haiti is my father and my rock!” Chriselia is proud that she can provide a better life for her children with her earnings, and can care for her aging mother and support four of her siblings. Her long-term goal is to purchase the building that houses her restaurant so she can continue expanding her business.

Catarina Castro Cac De Lux FINCA Guatemala client

Catarina Castro Cac De Lux

Catarina is proud to report that, as a result of taking out her Village Bank loan, she and her husband have increased their production two-fold, making it possible for them to continue to work to expand their weaving business.

María Trinidad Rodríguez Pillam FINCA El Salvador client

María Trinidad Rodríguez Pillam

to buy corn in bulk

"I thank God and FINCA for the loans I have been granted through the Buen Pastor Village Banking group. I am improving my businesses and ensuring that my children can get ahead by going to school. I can neither read nor write, so I want them to learn, and when they grow up, to remember me and the efforts I made for them."

Maria Lucia Potosi Ramirez FINCA Ecuador client

Maria Lucia Potosi Ramirez

to purchase wool

Maria Lucia Potosi Ramirez is married and the mother of five children. She has spent her life knitting beautiful wool sweaters and selling them in the local market. "I'm so grateful because FINCA trusted me. Now I can improve my life and the life of my family."

Goharik Martirosyan FINCA Armenia client

Goharik Martirosyan

to buy clay and glaze

Thanks to her family’s hard work, her sound business skills, and FINCA loans, Goharik's traditional Armenian ceramics business has continued growing. The family’s living standards have improved along with the profits from the business.

Nafisa FINCA Afghanistan client


to buy a sewing machine

Nafisa is 50 years old and has decades of experience designing and sewing traditional Afghani dresses. “Without FINCA’s loans my family, and especially my daughter, would not have the kind of life we have today. I am so grateful that we’re looking at a brighter future.”

Farzana FINCA Pakistan client


Farzana dreams she can do even more in her beauty parlor, if she has additional capital. She knows that an infusion of capital will allow her to grow her business and, hopefully, hire other beauticians. She says she’s looking forward to working with FINCA, and has high hopes for her family’s future.

Natalia Borisovna FINCA Russia client

Natalia Borisovna

to expand shop inventory

“Working with FINCA is always nice and the turnaround on loans is quick. FINCA loans have helped me more than once when there was a necessity, and I look forward to working with them long into the future.”

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