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7,000 Lives…Brightened!

23 Sep 2016

FINCA introduces BrightLife, an initiative to bring life-improving products, like solar lanterns and safe cookstoves, to low-income people in Africa.

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BrightLife Lantern 2

BrightLife: Bringing Light into Darkness

13 Sep 2016

FINCA’s BrightLife is a social enterprise that brings life-changing technology, such as solar lanterns and clean cookstoves, to low-income people.

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BrightLife Lantern 1

Honored Supporter Contributes Award to FINCA

07 Sep 2016

Scientist Ron DePauw received the prestigious Jeanie Borlaug Laube Women in Triticum Mentor Award and then donated the monetary award to FINCA.

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Donor Ron DePauw and Jeanie Borlaug

Catering Financial Technology for the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid

06 Sep 2016

Roman Hingorani, CFO of FINCA Microfinance Holding Company, discusses with CFO Tech Outlook how financial technology, or FinTech, can be catered to reach people at the bottom-of-the-pyramid.

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Roman Hingorani FINCA

For Their Family and Their Community

31 Aug 2016

Time and Souvena’s farm in Haiti has improved their family’s lives and is helping to nourish and educate the young children in their community too.

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Time and Souvena with  students from their community school.

Why Rupert Scofield Became a Humanitarian Worker

22 Aug 2016

FINCA’s President, Rupert Scofield, tells the Guardian why he became a humanitarian worker.

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Rupert Nelson Nicaragua

What can Retail Banks Learn from the Developing World?

17 Aug 2016

Rupert Scofield, President of FINCA, discusses how retail banks can learn from recent advances in FinTech in the developing world.

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Rupert Guatemala

Behind the Cover: Saint Louis Medecene and his Family

16 Aug 2016

Saint Louis Medecene and his family, featured on the cover of the 2015 FINCA Annual Report, have been receiving FINCA’s agricultural loans since early 2015. Meet the family behind the cover.

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FINCA International 2015 Annual Report

Brookings Report Ranks Country Progress on Financial Inclusion

11 Aug 2016

How well are countries addressing needs of financial inclusion? This is a question a recent study by the Brookings Institution aimed to answer.

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Haiti VB Transaction Hands

Banking in the Developing World

01 Aug 2016

Rupert Scofield, President of FINCA International, discusses with Banking Technology how FINCA brings banking to the developing world and why people should follow America’s lead in the art of philanthropy.

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