Being a thought leader means examining the challenging issues and cautionary events that arise in your industry; examining how your organization is, or should be, addressing them; then taking the steps to resolve the issues to the benefit of your client.

At FINCA, we’re examining issues that could adversely affect our clients, then publishing our findings and sharing them with the industry. 

Thought Leadership Events


Social Entrepreneurship

FINCA’s co-founder advises aspiring social entrepreneurs on building sustainable social enterprises in the Social Entrepreneurs Handbook »

Listen to the Social Enterprise Podcast Series: Interviews with successful social entrepreneurs by FINCA co-founder Rupert Scofield.


Village banks: the new generation

How IFAD helped FINCA set its village banking programs on the road to commercialization. Read the report»


Over-indebtedness in Mexico: Its Effect on Borrowers

An unvarnished examination of the causes of over-indebtedness by microfinance borrowers, and recommended solutions. Read the study »


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