FINCA’s mission is to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.


FINCA’s vision is to build a global network of sustainable and scalable social enterprises that improve lives worldwide.


Based in Washington DC, FINCA currently reaches nearly 1.8 million clients through its worldwide network of 23 subsidiaries in Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East and South Asia, and Latin America. After 30 years of leadership, FINCA’s outreach is among the broadest and most comprehensive of today’s microfinance networks.

FINCA International is the parent of the 23 operating Microfinance Institutions (subsidiaries), and manages these global microfinance activities through a holding company that allows us to bring additional resources to our mission.

FINCA International, Inc. is a non-profit entity that raises funds to drive research and development to improve microfinance services; create new services that enhance the lives of clients; carry out demographic, market, and social research that allows us to better understand and measure benefits to clients; and maintain FINCA’s ownership level in FINCA Microfinance Holding Company. FINCA’s current leadership manages the nonprofit, the holding company, and the network to ensure mission compliance.

FINCA Microfinance Holding Company LLC (FMH) is a subsidiary of FINCA International, Inc. that leverages the funding of socially-responsible partners including the International Finance Corporation, an arm of the World Bank, KfWBankengruppe, the German development bank, FMO, the Netherlands development bank, responsAbility Global Microfinance Fund, an investment fund advised by the Zurich-based asset manager responsAbility Social Investments AG, Triple Jump, a Netherlands-based microfinance investment manager, and Triodos Microfinance Fund and Triodos Fair Share Fund, funds managed by Triodos Investment Management BV, who all share FINCA’s mission of providing services to low-income people so they can increase their employment, incomes, and standard of living. FINCA’s country-based subsidiaries are held by FMH, creating a global network of shared expertise.


Founded in 1985, FINCA has more than a quarter-century of experience in delivering microfinance services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs.

FINCA’s unique organizational structure sets a new industry standard. It allows us to create sustainable programs and to mobilize private and socially-responsible capital for the purpose of alleviating poverty. Because we must meet the rigorous guidelines of commercial markets and the social expectations of the international donor community, our model encourages transparency, best business practices and rigorous adherence to our mission.

The Social Performance Subcommittee of FINCA’s Board of Directors monitors, measures and promotes high levels of social performance. Its charter mandates: ensuring staff are trained in the importance of FINCA’s social mission; monitoring organizational activities to ensure that FINCA’s mission remains the basis for client attraction and retention; employing indicators that promote and measure the social performance outcomes of its programs; reporting social performance to donors, investors, oversight agencies and other constituents; and leading the development of best practices for social performance and customer protection in the microfinance and sustainable service sectors that are devoted to poverty alleviation.

FINCA innovates and partners with other service providers to bring new, value-added services to its customers. FINCA also performs research that tracks, and allows us to maximize, benefits to clients.

In 2013, 94.3 percent of all funds received by FINCA International were sent to the field to support our programs; 4.5 percent of funds were used to cover administration costs, and 1.1 percent covered fundraising activities.

FINCA pioneered “Village Banking,” which brings together groups of between 10 – 30 people in a community, mostly women, who guarantee small loans for each other. These small loans enable them to create income-generating opportunities.


Each FINCA subsidiary is run by a local team of professionals with intimate knowledge of the local market. This localized, client-driven approach has made FINCA’s global expansion possible.

FINCA provides clients with a range of financial and other products and services, including savings accounts; group and individual loans; credit-life, short-term disability and hospitalization insurance; home improvement loans; and remittances. These products vary by location and local demand. For example, Muslim countries have strict rules on lending. In such areas, FINCA has created financial products that comply with those rules.

Before we lend to customers, we train them about credit, managing cash flows and the importance of retaining a portion of their profits for savings. We also help customers determine whether they have the capacity to expand their businesses. This training helps to ensure their success as borrowers and as business owners.

FINCA is firmly committed to fair practices and maintains strict policies on loan collection practices and evaluations. Our loan officers are trained in FINCA’s mission and dedicated to helping clients build successful businesses while ensuring that they are protected from unnecessary risks.

FINCA is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 13-3240109.
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